Talking Futures with Everyday People Video Series

September 27, 2021

Check out the following career videos from the team at Wellington Education to Employment Center and Focus Futures.

Sam Chapman

Sam’s work has traversed the fields of design, innovation, advertising, communications, hospitality and tourism with a focus over the last 10 years on private and public enterprise operating at the nexus of commerce, culture and the environment.

Keith Lowen and Emma-Lee Rowe

Keith is the co-owner operator for the Anchor Milk run franchisee for the Kāpiti Coast area where in fact his first ever job was doing the milk-run with his Father when glass milk bottles where still a thing! Keith comes from a professional sports background where he as given a scholarship to go to St Peters College in Cambridge, where he then went on to play for The Waikato Chiefs and for The All Blacks!

Emma-Lee is also co-owner operator with Keith (husband and wife team) where she is also working part-time as a legal executive and secretary for a law firm. Emma-lee started her profession as a legal exec whilst in her last year of secondary school where she did an internship in admin, which over the years has taken her all over the world working with different law firms such as London and Tokyo.

Mia is an accomplished actress, who has worked in film, television and theatre for two decades. Mia has won awards for her performances in the acclaimed feature film No.2, and short film This is Her. Other film credits include The Tattooist and more recently, Stray. She has also featured in various roles on New Zealand television series Love Bites, Harry and Shortland Street. In recent years, Mia has moved into the directing scene and is currently working as a director for Shortland Street.
Educator and Mindfulness Coach