Study oranga health and wellness for free

November 17, 2021

Learning about health promotion principles, oranga and wellbeing is about empowering our communities to take health back on their own terms, to celebrate wellness, define health their way and to give them the power to make change in the places where they live, where they work and where they play.

You will gain an understanding of key models and concepts in health promotion and be able to identify why equity is a core value in health promotion, how we can create environments that support New Zealanders to live long and healthy lives regardless of their income or ethnicity.

On completion of your Certificate or Diploma in Health Sciences, you will be eligible to enrol in the BHSc majoring in health education or public health.

These programmes are FREE under Targeted Training Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF). Visit for more information about TTAF and to check if you’re eligible.

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