Stuck on uni course selections? Have we got a great course for you!

November 17, 2021

Are you applying for a degree that is a mix of compulsory and elective (optional) courses?

Often students make most of their course selections and then have one gap left to fill and they struggle to identify a suitable course option.

One course at UC that is a great choice as an elective for a range of different degrees is ‘The Science of Communication’ SPSC114′

This course looks at how we communicate, how that is influenced by our culture, the neural and cognitive processes underpinning communication, and how communication is affected by external contexts such as noise and stress. It highlights theories and practical strategies to enhance the success of communication, in written and spoken format, as a university student and future professional.

The breadth of the course means it provides students with a range of transferable skills that will be useful in a variety of different careers.

The course is also available to study via distance/online.

If you need addditional course planning advice, please contact our UC Liaison team.