Scholarship Info

Useful tools to locate scholarships:

Specific providers have scholarships on their pages. These require you to make an account with the University first so that you can apply:

Canterbury University

Otago University

Lincoln University

Victoria University

Waikato University!/?page=1

 Massey University Scholarships – main Scholarships open 20th May & close 20th August

Auckland University


Scholarships for Maori students

Opening and Closing Dates

These vary slightly between providers. Generally most scholarship applications open in mid to late June and close at  around August/September. Check the individual provider website for specific details.

Independent scholarships that can be found using the search sites above have differing opening and closing dates. Please make sure you check these dates.

Student loans and allowances

You may require proof of identity to make applications. Create a RealME login here

Studylink helps with applications and information:

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