Product Design student’s pavers making Timaru safer

November 10, 2021

University of Canterbury (UC) Product Design student Imogen McRae could end Timaru’s slippery pavers, replacing them with pavers made from waste material.

For the past three months, 20-year-old UC student Imogen McRae has been working on developing non-slip pavers made of waste material sourced from South Canterbury businesses as part of Venture Timaru’s ‘Sustainable Is Attainable’ initiative.

“The pavers I am developing utilise two waste materials. The first is diatomaceous earth, a by-product from the beer brewing industry. The other is waste polypropylene plastic, a problem in many food processing and manufacturing businesses,” McRae said.

“I would love to incorporate Māori culture into the pavement… I intend to collaborate with the local iwi to embody the concept of ‘Ki uta ki tai’ in a pavement design.”

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