Live links to Employers websites

August 18, 2020

Specific Student Job Websites

We have analysed the list below and determine these websites to be active. All are free to use.

  1. Student Job Search – the ultimate student directory, with jobs around the country available year-round. Register for free and shortlist based on what interests you.
  2. – this is a useful list for summer jobs, where the tourism and fruit harvesting seasons peak and businesses are desperate for staff.
  3. Part-Time Jobs  Trade Me is best used with a filter. You can search for jobs by sector, with ‘Retail’ likely to be the most useful.
  4. – depending on where you live, there are usually listings for both wanted and jobs available. It’s useful if you want to advertise your services, such as lawn mowing, baby sitting or dog walking etc.
  5. Babysits – this is a growing network where you can register, build a profile and set your availability and rates

Companies who Directly Recruit Students

We have grouped major nationwide retailers into specific categories and linked to their job application portals. We cover all major supermarkets, fashion retailers, fast food chains and cinemas.

Supermarket Student Jobs

Food & Beverage Student Jobs

Merchandise and Chain Store Student Jobs

Retail Fashion Jobs

  1. Barkers
  2. CUE
  3. Country Road (select ‘New Zealand’ on the filter)
  4. Decjuba
  5. Dotti
  6. Ezibuy
  7. Glassons
  8. Hallensteins
  9. Lush Cosmetics
  10. Max
  11. Postie

Entertainment Jobs

Companies hiring students who don’t offer online applications

  1. Nike
  2. Starbucks
  3. Muffin Break