How can we equip young people to face an uncertain future?

October 12, 2021

The Royal Geographical Society’s online ‘Earth Stories’ webinars look at the Sustainable Development Goals and share examples of those working to create a just and more sustainable world within planetary boundaries.

This 21-minute webinar by New Zealand’s Professor Bronwyn Hayward of the University of Canterbury explores her ‘SEEDS’ model of ‘strong ecological citizenship’ for a school strike generation and asks how can we equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to face an uncertain future?

Professor Hayward’s research focuses on the intersection of sustainable development, youth, climate change and citizenship. She is the author of ‘Children, Citizenship & Environment’.

Watch Professor Hayward here:


The Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability (BSEnS) will explore the biggest global problems we have caused by injustice towards the environment and to communities, from pollution to world hunger. (This new degree is pending approval from Te Amorangi Mātauranga Matua | Tertiary Education Commission.)