Bachelor of Commercial Music at Massey University

September 27, 2021

Bachelor of Commercial Music

Radical shifts are happening in the global music industry. Learn how to perform, promote and produce the music of tomorrow, from leading New Zealand artists and industry specialists, in the Bachelor of Commercial Music.

In the Bachelor of Commercial Music, you will:

  • think critically about the music industry and where you want to position yourself
  • work collaboratively on a wide range of music events and experiences
  • become proficient with industry-standard production tools.

The degree has three majors: Music Practice, Music Technology, and Music Industry, so you can choose whether you want to make and perform new music, engineer live and studio sound as well as design new music technology, or immerse yourself in the business of the music industry.

Commercial Music has a strong emphasis on popular music genres and new technology and methods. You’ll consider the role of streaming and digital media in the music industry and explore how to disrupt and operate outside of traditional business models.

Alongside the core courses in your major, you’ll work with students from across the programme to learn music content creation, online and media skills, organise and produce music events and experiences, and make and release recordings.

The critical content of the programme spans new musicology, the political economy of music, and music philosophy.

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